It Begins my Spoken Heart

So today the Lord is speaking that I should post. I had a choice facebook or take the plunge into the blog universe. So I am here, not even sure how to navigate in this world or make this site beautiful with pictures and images yet. So please be patient with me.

In prayer I was with Joanna, one of the woman following Jesus. She left behind a lot, all her comfortable possessions and riches to follow Christ. How hard that must have been. When I think of my life and all I have what am I ready to give up to follow him completely.

But then I went to my favorite book of prayer, Divine intimacy. I feel called to quote from this today.” Do you know how to recognize the moments in which Our Lord visits your soul? A word read or heard, perhaps even by chance, and edifying example, and interior inspiration, a new light, which makes you see your faults more clearly and opens new horizons of virtue and of good- all are visits from Jesus. And you, how do you correspond? Is your soul sensitive to these lights, to these admonitions? Do you not sometimes turn your gaze away, fearing that the light you have glimpsed may ask you for sacrifices, which are too painful for your self-love? Oh! if you had always recognized the moment in which the Lord visited you! Try then to begin again today.”

During the rest of prayer time and spiritual reading Fr. Jacque Phillips reminded me that the life of prayer is not a technique to be mastered but a grace to be received. Will you receive his graces today, God is already there waiting for you.

Ok it’s done first hurdle , first blog post, God is good.





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