Perfect Union/Two Wills

Leave me not for I know not the value of my soul”(St. John of the Cross). St. Augustine also talks about in his Confessions that the hand acts so easily from the mind and its movement without much thought, but yet our conscience hesitates or denies that same movement. As a result our will denies the good we are called to be or to act upon, so we procrastinate or hesitate to listen to the voice that God has implanted in us. Oh good and gracious God give me the action that is so easily given to my hands, my hands that write so freely now with this pen, give that same movement to my minds actions. So when you ask me to love others like you love me, and to love them with your intense love I may do it as freely. May I respond with the words of St. Paul, it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.

Many days my conscience calls me to act but I don’t, yet my hands move without even a thought  to clean something, to dress, to wash, to make a meal, to shake a hand or to hug someone.

I have only given this much thought today, how easy it would be to love if our minds were wired in that same way. But God gives freedom to our minds we have a choice, we can act with love, we can postpone, or never listen. God protect me from my own lack of response today. 

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