8 More days!Really

This morning I realized something that never hit me before as I read of the birth of John the Baptist. Maybe you can help me to further ponder.

So think of this you are at the birth of  your first child or perhaps it is your first grandchild and you can’t speak. You can’t ooh or ahh, or say you look like your Dad or your Mom, or she is beautiful or He is precious. Imagine that for a second what that would feel like if all you had was a tablet to write on to express your joy and excitement. I would be writing furiously and with such angst.

Now this is what happened to Zechariah. Ever since he was struck mute in the temple for doubting the miracle that God was presenting  to him and Elizabeth. This silence lasted for many more months, and yet he must still wait until the 8th day when the circumcision would take place and the child was to be named John. Eight days without a word to express to your newborn baby or to your wife and family

I had never given this any thought before today, and I know God places things on my heart like this to go deeper. Perhaps you have answers for me , perhaps you have the theological explanation if their is one. Please share if you do. Until then I continue to pray that God will reveal to me why 8 more days. !

Grace upon Grace

Today I responded to this question from my Advent journal that I received from the great ladies of the community of Blessed Is She.

The question is; when or where have you experienced the presence of God in a powerful way? At first I delayed in writing and then my pen began to speak for itself. I share my words in the hope that my reflection may ponder you to reflect on your own answer to this very same question .

“I experienced God in the interior of my mind and heart in images too hard to describe with human tongue- in peace beyond words as I ponder in silence. In the hollows of sounds interrupted only by the occasional noise of nature outside of my mind. These images bring thoughts of life experienced long ago with family now gone but yet present in memory. These thoughts bring consolation and restored hope in dreams of a future not yet my own. They my eyes see, I see Him in all things especially in the mountain, He is etched out there a perfect vision for me to view, his face becomes as day, no one but I can see it or describe it, it is too beautiful for words, but He is there, there is the peace and presence of God.” Diane 2017.

May your mind and heart also find peace in the interior places where God can enter into the silence abode , may you find rest with Him there as you prepare for his coming this Advent and Christmas season. And may His Grace build upon grace this day. With Advent Joy and Love , Diane