Todays readings for the feast of the Holy Family stirred in me to take a deeper dive into the scriptures. I often use many books to ponder the Words of the Lord , today was a little different. I spent time with a new journal called Stay Connected a journal for Catholic woman, that lead me to also use the Better part by Father John Bartunek and also the Catholic Cathechism. What stayed with me was Mary’s words to Jesus. She does not speak much in scripture often just pondering and reflecting. So today her question was revealing to me. She is finally questioning her Son. She say’s to Him Why have you treated us like this? I ponder it too, losing Jesus in the temple is nothing compared to what her future with Him will be like. I would imagine she will ask this question to her Son many times in the years ahead. But perhaps we have the same question to ask Jesus, why are you treating me this way this Christmas season? Maybe you lost someone close to you, or maybe you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, perhaps you too have lost a child. Mary’s response may give you some guidance, to ponder and reflect what this life is all about, she treasured all these things in her heart. May her faith in her Son give you hope as you are asked to accept the losses in your own life.  Mary experienced anxiety while trying to find Jesus, does that not make it easier for us to  accept that we too will experience anxiety in our own lives, trying to make sense of this earthly life and its purpose. Jesus went home with Mary after he was discovered in the temple and was obedient. He is teaching us too, how to live a human life with all its ups and downs. He is teaching me how to be obedient to the Father’s plan for my life. Lord Jesus help me today to trust like your Mother. To all my family and friends who have been asked to carry a loss or a suffering, know I unite my prayers to yours today and I rest them on the heart of Mary and Jesus. With Eternal love, Diane


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