Looking back before Looking forward

I have been itching to write for a few months now and resisting the promptings of the Holy Spirit, but this morning in prayer He was very insistent so I begin again.

Before we can make any adjustments to how we want 2020 to be I feel it is very important to look back at how we lived, prayed and served in the past year. Last night in the homily at our Church our Priest asked us to consider looking at what we did right and take those things forward to the New Year and leave behind all the mistakes and regrets , I added that second part.

Three questions I find helpful is to ask yourself, what do I need to continue, what do I need to stop doing and what do I need to start? I am sure when you look back you will find many blessings that God has given you, starting from a place of gratitude is the best way to begin this pondering. Then how do you want to respond to God in thanksgiving for all the many wonders and blessings you experienced . Remembering blessings can also come from tears and sorrow. Why? The Enemy of God ( Lucifer, Satan) thought he had the victory when Jesus took his last breath on the cross, but Jesus always waits till things seem so dark and desperate until he acts, he acted boldly in the resurrection and ascension, he had the final word. He transformed a hopeless dark situation into light and hope for all those who believe in Him. He continues to do this for our suffering world and the suffering the Church is undergoing today, we must never lose hope in the Power of Jesus( God saves)

If we remember well the story, Jesus came as a baby in a manger among animals, one reason it is thought, because everyone loves babies and we would not be scared of a infant. He grows up just like any other child and as he grows in wisdom and grace he teaches us how to do the same, he shows how to suffer and die, but also how to rise from the ashes of pain and suffering. He never abandons us, he left us with a small powerful host, his very body to consume as often as we can to sustain us until he brings us home. He left us with the Holy Spirit, who by the way is guiding the fingers typing this today, because it is being prompted by that Spirit to write.

So as you begin your pondering on 2019 and your actions going forward, listen to the still small voice inside of you, drown out any negatives thoughts they are not from God and then put your pen to the paper or your fingers to the computer.

May God bless you abundantly my friends and family, Be not afraid, God saves and He keeps his promises. Be assured of my prayers for you in the year ahead and pray for me whenever the Spirit prompts you. Happy and Holy New Year to all.