Everybody has a Restless Heart

This morning before Mass began I prayed that I would just rest on Jesus’ Heart and ask Him what he needs today. I am always asking Him for things so I thought it would be a nice change of pace to just embrace Him , and we could just enjoy each other’s company instead of my constant asking and talking about my needs.

Of course that lasted for all of about five minutes when my wondering mind went elsewhere. I started to ask for the grace to be filled with something new, something that would linger with me today.

At mass I felt Him telling me trust my Mother , have faith like her and she will lead you to me, have faith Diane. Rest awhile.

After Mass I put on Catholic Radio. Jesus always knows how to find me through podcasts, radio and music. On the radio was Cardinal Dolan interviewing Dino Dimucci. Of course he would reach me through an Italian. This Brooklyn man spoke wisdom to me. He is 80 years old now but still wise as Solomon. Let me share with you what stayed with me from that interview.

Dino shared that as a young man he would go to Mass in the city and a local Bishop would always grab him with a guestion. Dino what does that song mean” Rebel without a cause”; Bishop you know the song . Yes but should’t it be A Rebel for the truth. Hmm! Next week the Bishop asks what makes a man happy? Dino answered a nice car, a big house, a pretty lady in my life. etc ;he went on about all the pleasures in life that would make Dino happy. No! the Bishop answers Virtue makes a man happy. Dino had to look up what is virtue. He was not familiar with that word.

Do we live for success, honor, glory, wealth prestige? Dino thought at first that would make him happy, but then he read from St. Thomas Acquinas. If we have God in our lives and put him first our wealth will be used to serve God and wealth will not serve us, our virtuous living will be Godly living. It will free us from the excesses of life. Then Dino quotes from Bruce Springsteens song, “Everybody got a restless heart.’ Dino told Bruce you know that is from St. Augustine,” Our hearts are restless until it rests in thee.”

Dino than went on to talk about his good friend Ralph Martin who wrote Fulfillment of all Desire. That is really the point of it all he told the Cardinal, Jesus, is the Fulfillment of all our hearts desire.

The Cardinal was astonished at how Dino remembered the questions and answers from his local bishop after many years . This encounter Dino had with the Bishop was when he was a young man searching. This Bishop met Dino where he was in his faith and now 80 years later Dino is preaching it and living it in his music and in his life.

I am thankful to You Dino and for Jesus answering my prayer through an interview on Catholic Radio. My heart Rests only in your O Lord.

Jesus is in all things, where will you hear him or find him in your Restless Heart today?

Jesus Eyes

As I prepared myself before Mass last evening I asked Jesus for the grace to penetrate my dry ears and fill me with His words that I may feel His strength, love and guidance.

My grace was answered by the Priest boldly breaking open the Gospel of the five loaves and two fishes. I am still pondering those words as I write my blog this morning.

This is what I heard, Jesus had just gone off to the desert to pray alone, mourning the death of his cousin John the Baptist. He had very little time to do so as the crowds were desiring to be with him, to be healed , to be fed.

Jesus unselfish as He is always, goes to them with his disciples. He is compassionate, His feelings of compassion towards them leads Him to action, action which includes a challenge to His Apostles ; He tells them feed them yourselves, this challenge leads to the miracle of the abundance of food which feeds everyone. The miracle I often take for granted every time the Eucharist is taken, blest, broken and given to me.

Our Eucharist is our food , food for the journey , food to accept the challenges the Lord gives us each day like he did his disciples on the grassy plain. Do I trust enough to accept that when given the challenge of daily life ,this Spiritual nourishment will be all that I need to pick up my cross and follow in the ways of Hope, Justice and love? I hope so I pray so.

The priest also shared that we must see with Jesus eyes, eyes of hope, eyes of compassion and love. When we do so we can forgive, we can accept the cross, we can be joyful in the midst of storms, we can accept each other with Jesus eyes. Miracles can happen, when we have the right attitude, which leads us to the right actions. Jesus will multiply whatever I offer and leave me with plenty left over.

Today I pray for compassion, courage, acceptance of self, forgiveness, spiritual eyes, spiritual nourishment. JESUS take my meager offering , multiply it and make it plentiful that others may be brought to Christ as well. Remind me of whose I am, your beloved daughter in whom you I well pleased.

Lastly let me see all things with your Jesus eyes, that ordinary things become extraordinary masterpieces.